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Radish with honey cough

Cut out the middle of a radish, pour the sugar and pour honey, the resulting juice drink per day on a tablespoon a day.  Once in the house someone started coughing immediately buy a black radish cough. Black radish juice mixed with sugar in a ratio of 2:1, perfectly helps. How to treat a cough of black radish?

Adults need to give 2 tablespoons before each meal and at night before bedtime, and children - 2 teaspoons in the same way.  Honey is very good with a bow of cough, mix equal parts taken in grated onion, apples, honey. Take a tablespoon three times a day.  I want to recommend a very simple and quite painless recipe - cabbage with honey for coughs and acute bronchitis.

Take two large sheets of white cabbage, soak them in boiling water and steep, brush with honey and apply on the chest and back. Tie a warm soft wool shawl or a scarf and go to bed. In the morning you will feel that the cough softer and sputum good moves.  Many are now a variety of potions and pills to cough, and I always use his grandmother's vehicle.

I suggest to try suet cough: Take Interior goose or pork fat and add a few drops of turpentine and pine oil is even better. Spread this composition chest and back, wrap plastic wrap and carefully wrapped a woolen scarf. The bandage can be held all night, it heats gently, deeply and cough quickly.

This procedure is like children much more than mustard, and helps not worse! Information taken from the site

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